Journey Into Design

Journey Into Design And Friendship

By Chong Kang | Chris McClelland | John Kearns
Photography by Gregory R Staley

Our journey

Our purpose in producing this book is to share our experience with the reader and inspire others to dream and pursue ideas outside the experience new design revelations. Encompassing a decade of collaboration, it captures our unique journey in creativity and friendship. The illustrated result defines our passion for integrating unique design elements and collections of the unusual in textiles and objects. Our cumulative effort produced creative aces where treasures were synchronized in an eclectic dynamic reflecting a unique perspective and lifestyle. Friendships were bonded as the residence came to fruition. We have attempted to collar the excitement and reward of this experience, as imaginative minds embraced the challenge of fashioning magical spaces. The journey furthered our understanding that every undertaking has its moments...exhausting trials and successes, before achieving the desired goal. The shared experience was the realization of what teamwork produces through the requisite checks and balances that sustain a grounded project. The combination of enrichment, ruthless editing and keeping an eye on the prize, has resulted in a home where disparate and exotic objects co-exist. For the reader who wishes to follow our journey, we offer a few suggestions in achieving your goal. Rules are meant to guide, not dictate.

Try it and see what works,for you. Be bold and assertive, it's your space..own it. Most of all have fun and enjoy the experience!

Principal players:

Chong Kang
John Kearns
Chris McClelland

All photographs | Gregory R Staley

All Illustrations | Chong Kang

Layout & Design | Scotty Stevenson

Published by
Art Guild Press | Robert Erlichman

Website by WalkingFossil Design

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